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Foot Innovate Webinar Reminder – Ankle Fusion Plating

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Tonight is a great opportunity to get some insight on Ankle Fusion plating from Orthocarolina’s Dr. Carrol Jones.  If you are a Wright rep, learn about your system from one of the designers.  If you are competitor, learn about the different approaches available to fuse an ankle and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors system.

You will need to register at least 15 minutes prior to the webinar.  Go to to reserve your spot.

Wright Medical Ankle Fusion Plating System

Topic:        Ankle Fusion Plating Systems

Presenter:  Carroll Jones, MD

Date:         Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time:         8:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time

AOFAS 2013 – Surgical Implant Choice

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AOFAS 2013

Dr. William C. McGarvey gave an interesting talk (Advances in Midfoot Fixation: Technology Review) to wrap up the pre-meeting session on why and how docs should choose their implants.

The list stated was as follows:

  1. Cost
  2. Bulk
  3. Time
  4. Effectiveness
  5. Return to Activity

The lecture went through the evolution of the ‘gold standards’ of midfoot arthrodesis hardware based on the literature starting with cannulated screws vs plantar plating, then dorsal plating, then intramedualary fixation (IO Fix), then locked plating, etc. It was very interesting and an extremely well put together talk citing the chronological history of literature reported for the last 20 plus years. The above list is something all reps should think about prior to walking into their next sales call.

#6 and #7 reasons doctors use what they use…

In my opinion, there are two additional factors that play into in the decision making process of almost all foot and ankle surgeons:

#6 – Consulting agreements

Granted, doctors with consulting agreements are a small percentage of the population, however it can be argued that they influence what their colleagues who respect them choose to use based on there published or unpublished outcomes.  When a doctor travels to an Industry course and a prominent surgeon tells them a product works, they will give it a chance.

# 7 – Rep Relationship

Doctors want to work with people they like, they want a rep to knows their shit, and most importantly be reliable. When a case is going on a rep should have everything that the doc asked for and additional products they didn’t ask for, but may need. If a doc knows a rep has his back, he will go with that relationship over cost in my experience.

Implant cost is going to be a constant topic of conversation. The question of implant companies over-charging vs R&D for future technology is going to come to a head sooner rather than later.  While I am no where near as smart as Dr. McGarvey, industry influences still play a roll and I am sure he would not disagree.  The real question moving forward is for how long?

Wanna sell this?


The Metric Staple is a nitinol compression staple with a “grenade pin” that needs to be pulled prior to final impaction.  While the grenade action failed to impress and the impaction device had some fiddle factor, the outcome looked good. The staple comes in various sizes and can be used for a variety of indications.  Wanna add this staple line to your bag?  Hit us up at


Tim Hudson Ankle Fracture

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New Product Release AOFAS Summer Meeting (PART 2)

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SBI logo

  • A3 Fusion Nail – TTC Fusion nail with a double distal bend, one posterior and one lateral. The nail also has a “Compression Bolt” which is appears to be an internal compression screw.  A TTC fusion nail is a great salvage procedure for failed Total Ankle Replacement, this is a great move for SBI.  Hopefully, this launch is not a reflection on the 5 year outcomes of their STAR Total Ankle Replacement.

Wright Logo

  • 3DI Ankle Fusion Plating System – The “Leader in Foot and Ankle Surgery” has released a four plate style system using Wrights 3DI Poly Axial Ortholoc Technology, in doing so filling a major void in the Wright product line.  Plating for ankle fusions is trending upwards vs screws which should translate to positive growth for Wright in the near future.  Wright also soft launched a new, low-profile total ankle replacement to compete with STAR and Salto.  Look for a future posts about the full release of Wright’s Infinity Total Ankle System

Zimmer logo

  • NORMED – Zimmer rolled out the Normed product line in all of its glory. Nothing too exciting, but this acquisition shows that Zimmer is making its move into the foot and ankle market. Zimmer’s lateral approach Trabecular Metal Total Ankle, launched earlier this year also drew interest being the newest TAR prosthesis on the market.

Seriously Synthes?

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Really Synthes

I know you guys have sets available in every hospital across the country and sell a billion dollars worth of stuff in your sleep, but for christ sake can you at least please pretend that you give a shit about foot and ankle. I for one appreciate the bravado.  The biggest company here shows up with a sweet Kinko’s banner and a table similar the one I was provided at my 6th grade science fair.  Give me a heads up if you want me to build you a an exploding volcano to spice up the booth next year.

A big FU from Synthes!  I love it, keep up the good work.

New Product Release – AOFAS Summer Meeting (Part 1)

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The Superbowl of Foot and Ankle did not disappoint with several companies launching new products. Here are a few that caught our eye:

Arthrex Logo

  • InternalBrace – Following the success of last years CPR (Complete Plantar Plate Repair System) launch, the leader of soft tissue innovation is at it again, this time focusing on another huge market: ankle instability.  The InternalBrace is a combination of a Biocomposite Swivel Lock anchor and Fiber tape that can be used as an augmentation to a Brostrom procedure as well as medially to address the spring ligament.

biomet logo

  • OsseoTI (picture below)- These porous metal wedges are available in various sizes for both Cotton and Evans procedures and will compete directly with Wright Medical’s Biofoam Wedges. This launch shows that Biomet is committed to pursuing additional foot and ankle market share and if you look at it, Biomet has products to compete with anyone. Some of Biomets products include: the Phoenix TTC Fusion Nail, Zip Loop and the Juggernaut all suture bone anchors.  Combine those products with their recent addition of Depuy’s Trauma line, the FRS set, and the A.L.P.S. Total Foot System and you have a solid extremity bag really out of no where.



AOFAS Summer Meeting 2013

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The foot and ankle market is up for grabs and all the big boys are here. This blog is going to focus on all things foot and ankle and what better place to start a blog than at the annual summer meeting. Our goal is to help educate and inform doctors, reps, and other industry leaders on the fastest growing segment in orthopedics today. Thanks for reading.

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